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Submission Rules:

  1. No real people stories.
  2. No underaged sex (brief reference to sexual abuse or pre-adult sexual experiences are permitted, but not graphic depiction). For the purposes of this archive, underaged is defined as under the age of 17.
  3. No bestiality: defined as sexual contact between an animal and a human. An intelligent transformed Unicorn is acceptable. A dog is not. An intelligent alien is fine, a sheep is not.
  4. No Harry Potter fic.
  5. All stories must be labeled as GEN, HET or SLASH.
  6. There is an understanding that there is a minimum standard under which stories should be posted. The archivist reserves the right to reject any story that does not seem to have had a minimal spell/grammar/punctuation check.

Per Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fan_fiction)

Fanfiction (also commonly spelled as fanfiction and frequently abbreviated to fanfic or occasionally just FF or fic) is a broadly-defined term for fiction about characters or settings written by fans of the original work, rather than by the original creators. Fan fiction usually describes works which are uncommissioned by the owner of the work, and usually (but not always) works which are not professionally published. Fan fiction is defined against original fiction, which exists with its own discrete universe, and against canon works within the universe. Most fan fiction writers assume that their readers have knowledge of the canon universe in which their works are based. Before about 1965, the term fan fiction was used in science fiction fandom to designate original amateur works of science fiction published in science fiction fanzines, as opposed to fiction which was professionally published, but this usage is now obsolete; modern definitions of the term exclude original fiction from the genre and may not always exclude professional contributions.

Per The Fan Fiction Glossary (http://www.subreality.com/glossary/terms.htm)

GEN: Short for "general" -- denotes a fanfic suitable for all ages and mores, containing no sexual overtones. Used by slash writers to mean "not slash."

HET: Short for "heterosexual" -- denotes fanfic depicting a romantic or sexual relationship between opposite genders.

SLASH: A type of fic, often written by women, involving romantic or sexual involvement between two characters of the same gender. The term originates from early Star Trek fandom, namely "Kirk/Spock" stories -- the term "slash" comes from the slash (/) placed between the names of the characters involved. Also called alternative fiction in Xena ficdom. Pure sweet fluffy romantic slash is sometimes called mook. Powerfully emotional male/male relationships with no sexual element are sometimes called smarm. Also, as slash is traditionally about male characters, F/F stories are often called femmeslash.

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