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I still remember the first time I met the boy. He was leaning on a light post trying to look pensive but turning out na´ve. We drove back to my apartment and...he ejaculated all over my bed. (I hate to admit this but I still have the sheet.) After that Justin, Michael, and I went to the hospital to meet my newborn son, Gus. Then...Justin and I went home and...fucked.

Weeks later he moved in. We were becoming somewhat of an item. That was the problem. Even with the "rules" Justin wanted more. And Justin got more. His name was Ethan. Ethan the Heathen. That show-off of a bastard. Even I wouldn't walk out of Babylon with a guy in front of an ex (OK, maybe I would).

Now, I'm all fucking alone. I live in Miami without Michael, Emmett, or even Ted. Gus visits once in a while. He's too busy with his firm *and* his wife. But for the most part I'm all fucking alone.
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