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Pairing: Skinner/Krycek

Rating: Adult, baby. Contains m/m interaction, actual s-e-x (yes, I finally wrote a real sex scene. It's my first time so be gentle), language, a little Daddy/boy play and I believe, my first purely erotic spanking.

Spoilers: None

Disclaimer: I think they should belong to me. Unlike CC, I can actually write.

Warnings: Quite possibly the most shameless thing I've ever written.

Status: New/Series

Thanks: To my friends, the best in the world. Special thanks to Laura for the gorgeous series cover art. I love it!

Summary: Shameless PWP. Walter, Alex and one really hot car.

Dedication: For Gaby. She knows why.

Author's Note at end of story.

Sugar Daddy

by Lorelei

The dark blue Mercedes convertible idled at the curb, its engine purring so quietly it could barely be heard. The sidewalks were thronged with shoppers enjoying the Spring afternoon, strolling along the narrow street lined with its expensive cafes, shops and boutiques. A few of them gave the car an admiring glance as they passed. Others, mostly women, saved their admiring glances for the man behind the wheel.

The Hugo Boss dress shirt was crisp white, accentuating the broad shoulders just the way the tailor had intended. One hand rested on the wheel in a relaxed fashion, revealing the solid gold Rolex on his wrist. The other hand rested on the edge of the door, manicured fingernails tapping in time to the music playing on the car's state of the art sound system. His eyes hidden behind dark sunglasses, his handsome face glowing with a radiant, obviously natural tan, the man behind the wheel of the sleek little car was big, bald and beautiful.

And obviously waiting for someone.

Two women paused in the doorway of Les Jardins des Amour, the city's premier florist. They spoke quietly, their heads close together as they stole another look at the mysterious man, who was now glancing at his Rolex with the air of one who is beginning to grow impatient.

"Whomever he's waiting for is one lucky woman," one of them whispered. The man in the car glanced toward them and they blushed and ducked into the shop, giggling like schoolgirls.

Walter's head turned as the big glass door of the salon opened. Salon del Sol was the most exclusive salon in town and had prices to match. The elegant, white-coated stylists and aestheticians took their time with their patrons, pampering them with scrubs, soaks, masks, massages; all the things the very rich demanded and were happy to pay for.

Alex walked toward the car, the late afternoon sunlight caressing his unabashedly pretty face, illuminating him like some medieval angel, his white teeth bright against his tan.

"Sorry I'm late, Walter," he purred, dropping four dainty little yellow and white striped bags containing several hundred dollars' worth of hair and skin products into the trunk, which had opened soundlessly upon his approach. "Marco talked me into trying the new honeysuckle facial. It took forever but I think you'll agree it was worth it."

Grinning like a naughty schoolboy, Alex opened the passenger side door and slid into the leather seat, sighing with contentment.

"Did you miss me?" he husked, his sensual, smoky voice dropping an octave. Walter smiled and took off his sunglasses, hiding the way his breath caught at the sight of his gorgeous young lover. The way it always caught, even after four years together, every time he saw green eyes lit by the sun, soft dark hair just made for running his fingers through it, that pretty pink mouth, so talented and so generous. An exasperating, always surprising, addictive delight was his Alex.

Alex obediently turned his head for a kiss as a large hand gripped his chin firmly. Walter plundered his mouth greedily, savoring the taste of him, loving the feeling of Alex writhing and sighing under him. Loving not giving a damn about the passersby, ignoring the shocked utterances of some of the more conservative shoppers who had chosen that day to restock their truffle oil or pick up that new Kate Spade handbag.

Walter moved his hand down to Alex's crotch, the fabric of the impeccably cut Dolce and Gabbana trousers smooth under his hand. He found the hardness there, squeezed it, just once.

Alex bucked and moaned, his lips parted, head thrown back, his long throat exposed and so tempting.

Walter laughed, his voice a low growl.

"Just wait til I get you home, boy."

Alex licked his lips, panting, his pupils so large that his eyes appeared black.

"Drive fast, Walter, please," he said, whimpering. "Need you. Need you to fuck me hard."

Walter turned to look at him, his eyes dancing behind the dark glasses.

"All right. But if I get another ticket, I'm taking it out of your ass."

A slight intake of breath. Pink tongue disappearing for a moment, then letting itself be seen again, sliding over those succulent lips.


The gearshift slid smoothly into first, just the way Walter was going to slide into that sweet hot ass when he got Alex home.

With a wolfish grin, Walter sped away from the curb, laughing at the open mouths they left in their wake. Well, *that* would certainly give them something to talk about at the Garden Club this week.

He drove a seventy thousand dollar car. And he'd damned well do as he pleased in it.

Alex lay back in the passenger seat, his arm flung insouciantly over the low door, enjoying the sun on his face. His sable hair was perfectly cut, the imported styling gel guaranteeing the soft spikes on top stayed just the way the stylist arranged them, impervious to the breeze.

They were sitting at a stoplight, both men shifting impatiently in their seats and willing it to turn green, aromas and snippets of conversation drifting over to them from the patio of the cafe on the corner.

Alex slowly opened his eyes, engaging in a little people-watching while he waited. Damn. Wouldn't that fucking light ever change?

Traffic in this city was just getting ridiculous. They'd already sat through the thing twice.

He knew the cafe, had been there once or twice before he met Walter. He craned his neck a little, but couldn't see the sign due to the large linden tree blocking the view.

What the hell was it? Cafe something de something, some silly French name. He'd never liked the place. It had certainly never lived up to its pretentious name. Alex had figured that "de" was in there to justify charging sixteen dollars for a fair-to-middling roast beef sandwich.

Idly, he nestled back down into the buttery leather, savoring the way it cradled him. He loved riding in Walter's car. Loved how great he looked in it.

Suddenly a loud voice drifted over to him.

"Hey, pretty boy! That your sugar daddy?"

The voice seemed to be coming from a table at the edge of the patio. Alex raised his head and slowly lowered his sunglasses, sliding them down his nose, already smirking.

The guy at the table looked like your average loser, working his way through a few bottles of imported beer, alone, with nothing better to do than harass the more fortunate.

"You bet!" Alex called back, flashing his most infuriating Yeah, I'm Kept, So What? smile, calculated to provoke maximum jealousy and resentment. "He gives me *plenty* of sugar. And anything else I want."

The guy glowered at Alex, his face darkening.

"Fuck you!" he shouted.

"Sorry," Alex answered, pushing his sunglasses back up. "You can't afford me. Bye!" he shouted, waving as the light turned green at last and Walter floored it. Their laughter floated back to the man on a cloud of exhaust.


The door of the penthouse closed behind them. Walter watched as Alex bent over to put his shopping bags down beside the sofa, his beautiful ass on display. Walking over to him and taking those perfect cheeks in both hands, he squeezed them tightly, making Alex stiffen and groan with pleasure. He reached one hand back and wrapped it around Walter's neck.

"Sugar daddy, hm?" Walter said, his voice pitched in that alpha male timbre that turned Alex's knees to jelly.

"Yeah," Alex breathed, his eyes half-shut, his breath quickening. He leaned his head back against Walter's shoulder, exposing the tender and vulnerable juncture of neck and shoulder, making it easier for the bigger man to lean down and bite, gently at first, then harder. Alex writhed and panted, his mouth open, his cock pressing hard against his fly. Walter shifted and pressed closer to him, one arm anchoring him tightly around the waist, his own cock hard and pressing against Alex's luscious ass. "So gimme some sugar, Daddy..."

Walter laughed and picked Alex up, swinging him effortlessly over his shoulder. Alex yelped as a hard swat landed on the seat of his pants, but the delicious heat Walter's hand left behind made him wriggle with excitement as Walter carried him up the spiral staircase that led to the master bedroom.

Alex was dropped unceremoniously on the huge custom-built bed. Walter stood over him, slowly unbuttoning his own shirt, toeing off his shoes.

"Get those clothes off, boy."

Eagerly, Alex tore off his shirt, quickly stripped himself of his shoes, pants and socks, strewing them in a careless circle around the bed. Wearing nothing but green silk boxers, he stretched sensuously, one finger circling a dusky pink nipple lazily.

"I'm ready," he said, his voice honeyed and seductive. "Want you so bad. Please don't make me wait."

Walter growled and pounced. Alex found himself on his stomach, pressed flat under one hundred eighty pounds of solid muscle, Walter's hot breath against his ear, one of Walter's big hands sliding under the silk of his boxers, caressing his ass.

"So," Walter whispered, kissing the back of Alex's neck, pausing to nip and bite, catching the soft skin gently between his teeth. "How much is today's bill?"

The green boxers landed in a heap on the floor.

"Mmmm?" Alex murmured into the pillow, rocking his hips up, making his ass stick out, rubbing it shamelessly against Walter. "Fuck me, please, Walter..."

"How much?" Walter asked again, nibbling his way down Alex's spine. God, his skin was like velvet. He grinned into the small of Alex's back. Of course the money made no difference. He could afford damn near anything either of them wanted. But it was always fun to play this little scene out, for both of them.

"I don't know," Alex breathed, his mind gone hazy with lust. "I...oh God, Walter, I'm gonna come if you keep doing that!"

Walter removed his tongue from Alex's ass long enough to sink his teeth into one creamy cheek. Alex cried out and ground himself against the mattress, earning himself a bright red handprint to go with the bite mark.

"You come before I say so, boy, and you won't sit down for a week."

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmyes..." Alex whimpered, unable to resist one more thrust into the Egyptian cotton sheets, so heavenly against his skin.

Another resounding smack, this time to the other cheek.

"Ow!" Alex yelped, reaching back to rub and quickly finding his hand pinned against his back. "Yes, sir."

"That's better," Walter said, releasing Alex's hand and resuming his exploration of Alex's body, touching and tasting as he pleased. "Now, what did you do today and what is it going to cost me?"

Alex laughed, a musical sound that ended with a strangled cry as Walter lifted him onto his knees and went to work on his balls.

"I...I don't..." Alex gasped, his hands fisting in the sheets. He squeezed his eyes tightly, trying to string a coherent sentence together while Walter drove him to the very edge of sanity with lips and tongue.

Walter loved to torture him like this.

"I...ohsweetjesusWalter! Ah...dry cleaners...our tuxes...Friday night...that-that was sixty. I...OH WALTER PLEASE! Uh...ohGodohGod...yes...like that...there...uhhhnnnnnn..."

"What else, Alex?" Walter asked innocently, holding Alex firmly in place, his thumb pressing against the tiny opening. Alex tried to backpedal, to impale himself on Walter's thumb, but Walter simply placed his hand over one of the crimson handprints decorating Alex's otherwise pale bottom.

Alex got the message and stilled, his head and shoulders pressed into the mattress.

The thumb pressed in ever so slightly. Walter's mouth returned to Alex's balls, the tongue lightly flicking, teasing the delicate sac.

Alex raised his head, his eyes opening wide.


"Tell me." The voice was low, amused, implacable.

Alex dropped his head back down and began to babble as Walter's tongue continued its insidious, unstoppable torture.

"Oh GodWalterohJesuspleasepleaseplease...oh...l-lunch...I had lunch w-with Rodney." A dry click as Alex swallowed, took a deep breath. "At Mykonos. I paid...his...OH! A hundred and ten plus tip...his birthday is...birthday is next week...ohGodohGod...Walterplease...uhhnnnn...w-went to the salon...the salon. That's it."

He buried his head in his crossed arms, his legs trembling as Walter marked a slow wet trail back up to his ass, his tongue circling Alex's anus, teeth scraping the skin ever so slightly.

Alex's whimper was one of genuine anguish.


Walter laughed again, gripping Alex's hips tightly, burying his face in Alex's ass, pressing his tongue inside.

Alex screamed.

Walter withdrew, pleased to see the light sheen of sweat that had broken out across Alex's back. He smiled. He was so hard on his boy.

A pinch to the undercurve of one firm buttock got Alex's attention back to the matter at hand.

"What did you do at the salon?" Walter asked, using his hands to spread Alex's legs further apart, trailing his fingers along the soft skin of his inner thighs.

"Uh...ah...m-massage, citrus massage. Haircut...style..."

"Francesca?" Walter asked, ducking between Alex's legs to lick, just once, at the head of Alex's cock, tasting the wetness there.

"GOD!" Alex screamed, pounding the mattress. "Francesca! Yes, Francesca!"

"And?" Walter coaxed, stroking the long tanned back idly.

"Uhh...Jesus, Walter, I can't...I...nails, my nails...I had a manicure, a pedicure-"

Walter looked down, lifted one twitching bare foot, examined the toes with interest. They did indeed look good enough to eat, nails clipped, shaped and shining. He mouthed one experimentally, tickling it with his tongue. Alex's response was emphatic.

"OHHGOD...andandand...I...champagne, they always give me champagne but I think it's INCLUDED-"

Walter chuckled around a mouthful of Alex's right buttcheek.

Alex panted, his mouth open wide, straining for oxygen.

"I...ohWalter...don't...please don't stop...I...seaweed wrap, they did a seaweed wrap...and a caviar scrub...and a...a...can't...Walter yes...YES...bronzer...there was bronzer...and...and..." he trailed off, drawing a blank. Walter licked his way around Alex's anus, wetting the skin thoroughly, and then blew on it.

Alex jumped a mile.


He could feel Walter grinning. The man could keep this up for hours. Once Alex had passed out and slept twelve hours straight after a session like this.

Sweating, his cock threatening imminent implosion, Alex tried to get the words out.

"I don't think...I don't think there was anything else...wait..." he wailed as Walter reached around him and began pinching his nipples, tweaking the tiny nubs until they stood straight out, hard and aching.

"Yesss?" Walter said evilly. "What else?"

Abruptly, Alex found himself on his back, his legs thrown wide. He screamed again as Walter's mouth descended on his cock, swallowing it whole.

"HONEYSUCKLE!" Alex shrieked. "Honeysuckle facial! The total was...OH MY GOD WALTER! SUCK ME!" He panted and writhed, digging his heels into the mattress.

Walter looked up and grinned, his lips swollen and wet.

"The total?" he asked innocently.

Alex gaped at him in disbelief. His cock stood like a sentinel between them, purple and engorged, so hard it hurt.

"Please Walter!"

Walter moved away, sitting back on his haunches.

"Oh pleasepleaseplease don't do this don't please," Alex babbled. "Please Walter!"

Walter watched him, watched his hands fluttering like trapped birds, knowing he wouldn't dare touch himself.

Alex arched his back, desperate for Walter's hands, his mouth.

"Nine hundred! I think the salon was nine hundred counting everything I bought!"

Walter smiled contentedly. Alex was definitely a responsive lover. Very responsive.

"And what did you buy?" he asked, his tone pleasant and interested.

"OH GOD!" Alex screamed, his arms over his face. He was close to tears.

"Never mind," Walter said, lying down on top of Alex. "You can show me later."

Alex heaved a sigh of relief, his muscles twitching.

"My sweet honeysuckle boy," Walter said, biting a nipple lightly. He inhaled deeply, savoring the clean scent of his lover's freshly scrubbed and pampered skin. "My Alex."

"Walter," Alex gasped, his breath seeming to have deserted him.

Walter moved his hand down between them, gripping Alex's cock lightly.

"Oh yes pleasepleaseplease-" Alex begged.

Walter laughed again, delighting in Alex's all-too-temporary distress.

"You're a bad boy, Alex."

Green eyes, heavy and sex-stupid, opened wide.

"Wha-?" Alex breathed.

Walter released Alex's cock, moved up along that lean naked body, draping himself over it. He fastened his teeth on Alex's neck.

Alex howled like a tomcat.

"Naughty..." Walter repeated, biting down on another spot and sucking, marking that flawless flesh as his own. "Such a bad boy. Such an insatiable little slut. Gonna have to punish you."

"GodohGod," Alex gasped, sucking in air. "Yes. Bad. Yes, Walter."

"Brat," Walter growled, licking and kissing his way down Alex's chest and stomach, leaving a trail of marks of possession along the tanned skin. "Spoiled brat...need me to teach you a lesson."

Alex turned his head to the side, his hands now gripping the headboard so hard his knuckles were white. He panted through his open mouth, his hips twitching, his cock still throbbing and maddeningly untouched. He bit his lip and whimpered, knowing Walter wouldn't let him come until he was good and ready.


"Naughty," Walter said again, moving back up to Alex's head, his face close to Alex's ear. "Bad, bad boy. Gonna have to spank that sweet ass of yours."

"Yes..." Alex moaned, his eyelashes fluttering. His chest rose and fell rapidly, beads of sweat sparkling in the dim light. "Want...I want..."

"What do you want?" Walter demanded gruffly, his eyes devouring his lover's naked body. God, he was beautiful like this. Spread open and waiting for him, waiting to be taken, willing for whatever Walter wanted to give.

"I...ohhh..."Alex moaned, licking his lips. "Punish me. Spank me. Spank me hard and then flip me over and fuck me through the mattress."

"What's the magic word, little boy?" Walter purred, smiling like the cat that got into the cream. "Or do I need to give you extra punishment for impudence?"

"PLEASE!" Alex screamed, twisting under Walter, not sure how much more he could take. "Please, sir. Please punish me. Punish me and then take me, make me yours all over again. Own me. Please."

Walter had pushed himself to the limit of endurance as well. He wasn't sure how much more either of them could take. In one smooth motion, he sat up and lifted Alex face down across his lap, positioning Alex's rock-hard cock between his own thighs, making sure nothing touched it. Alex protested and earned himself a preliminary swat, hard enough to make his eyes water.

"Owww, Walter," he pouted. "Not so hard, baby."

"Bad boy," Walter admonished, raising his hand and bringing it down smartly, reddening one exquisite bare mound. "My bad boy."

Alex gritted his teeth. It hurt. It hurt so good, the sting giving way to warmth that seemed to drain right into his cock.

"More, harder," he whined, his eyes closed tight. "Spank me, Daddy, please."

The use of the endearment made Walter's own cock remind him just how urgently its presence was required in the tight hot ass below.

He brought his hand down rapidly, painting both cheeks crimson.

"You've had this coming a long time, brat," he said between smacks. "A long time. This is what happens to bad boys."

He spanked hard and steadily, covering each cheek evenly before moving back to the other. Alex wriggled and moaned, his cries becoming more and more convincing as his bottom began to throb in earnest.

"Are you going to be good, Alex? Are you going to be good so Daddy doesn't have to spank his boy?"

Alex sobbed softly, so close to coming he scarcely dared to breathe. Coming without permission would take this session to the next level and fast.

"Yes! Yes!" he cried, his voice ragged. "I'll be good, I promise!"

"Good," Walter said, dropping a kiss on each hot red cheek. "I'm going to fuck you now, Alex. Get ready for me."

Mewling with need, Alex scrambled off of Walter's lap and fumbled in the nighttable drawer. He liberally coated two fingers of one hand with lube, then, balanced on his other hand and his knees, reached behind himself. He began lubing and stretching his opening, knowing Walter loved to watch. Alex spread his legs wider, pushed his fingers farther in, moaning with arousal. Walter's eyes glittered as he watched from the end of the bed. When Alex added a third finger and began to fuck himself hard on them, Walter could wait no longer.

"Now!" he shouted, his voice deep and commanding.

Alex made a sound in the back of his throat and buried his face in the pillow, dropping his shoulders down. He felt Walter kneeling behind him, felt Walter's large hands close around his wrists. Walter brought Alex's hands up and placed them on the back of Alex's neck.

"Interlock your fingers," he growled.

Alex obeyed, his hands clasped tightly on the back of his neck.

"Don't move them."

"Yes, sir," Alex answered, his voice muffled slightly.

Walter grasped Alex's hips and pulled him closer, positioning his cock at the tight opening. Alex took a deep breath. His Walter was big. Very big. But despite the initial burn, the sensation of being so totally filled was one he could never get enough of.

Alex had lubed himself well.

"Good boy."

Walter smiled down at him. Then, with a cry and one powerful thrust, he buried himself in Alex to the hilt.

Alex caught his breath, tensed for a moment, and then stilled. His hips began to rock back and forth in time to Walter's thrusts, sweat dampening his hair, his cries becoming more and more urgent.

Walter rode him hard, glorying in the way he arched and shuddered and gasped, feeling his own orgasm building like a summer thunderstorm.

Beneath him, Alex was nearing his own climax, desperately trying to form the words, to beg for release as Walter relentlessly pounded into him.

"Please Walter," Alex begged, his voice hoarse. "Let me come. Please Walter let me come-"

"Come, Alex," Walter commanded.

Alex screamed and shot explosively, spattering his own belly and thighs with come. A few seconds later Walter followed, shouting his own completion, leaving his fingerprints on Alex's narrow hips.

Panting, sweating, completely sated, Walter fell beside Alex, gathering his boy into his arms and spooning up behind him, nuzzling into the dark, sweat-dampened hair. Alex wrapped his arms around Walter's, leaned back with a sigh. They lay silently for a moment, their heart rates slowly returning to normal.

"Love you," Alex whispered at last, burrowing further into Walter's embrace. "Thank you for this. For everything."

"Love you too," Walter answered. "My bad, beautiful boy."

Alex turned his head, clear green eyes wide, a sly smile on his face.

"I forgot to mention my stop at Cartier."


This is for you, Gaby.

Author's Note: This story was inspired by my drive in to work about two weeks ago. I was sitting at a stoplight behind a gorgeous dark blue Mercedes convertible. The man in the driver's seat was older, salt and pepper hair, sunglasses, big gold watch on his wrist. The passenger was a younger man, impeccably styled dark hair, matching sunglasses, and when he turned his head I saw he had a little tip-tilted nose that reminded me of someone we know... They looked to me like the very image of a sugar daddy and his pretty plaything. My fevered imagination took over, spinning all sorts of delicious fantasies, and here we are.
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