A Dream Is Just a Dream, A Kiss Is Just A Kiss... by Neichan
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Summary: Warnings: Extreme squick. Slash. Disturbing. Mutilation in the guise of plastic surgery. Voluntary Slavery. D/s. Hurt/Comfort. AU. Horror of a societal level. Dark Fic. Author's Note: Everyone has Nightmares. Some are truly shocking. Inspired by a nightmare I had, with minor variations, more than once. Yes, I do have very elaborate dreams. This one wouldn't stop until I wrote this. I often write about things that upset me. As a way to deal with them. I make no apologies for this fic. We all have nightmares, this is one of mine.... I just think that if you are sensitive in any way YOU SHOULDN'T READ IT. It is after all, a nightmare.....
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Categories: The Sentinel Characters: Jim, Blair
Genres: Alternate Universe (AU), BDSM, Domestic Discipline, Hurt/Comfort, Mature Themes
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Published: 12/26/05 Updated: 12/26/05

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