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Author's Chapter Notes:
Warning! OOC/Sappy Brian.
Justin sighed softy as he lowered himself onto the bed. He and Brian had just gotten home from the store, and the blonde was tired as hell. At nine months of pregnancy, he looked and felt like a balloon. Ever since finding out that he was pregnant, Justin had been feeling more tired and aggravated than normal.

He was so glad that his pregnancy was almost over. Justin knew that not only was he happy for the pregnancy to be almost over, but Brian was as well. Justin hated feeling like a hormonal mess, and now, with the Christmas holidays coming up, things would be even more chaotic. Their huge families were all coming over.

It was going to be the girls, JR, and Gus, Michael, Ben, and Hunter, Ted and Blake, Emmett and Drew (who had recently gotten back together), Jennifer, Molly, and Tucker, and Daphne. However, at the last minute, the two men had decided that they wanted to spend the holiday alone, just the two of them.

So Justin called Emmett, and gave their apologies. Then the blonde called his mother, and did the same, this time asking her to spread the word. Jennifer agreed, and wished the two men a Merry Christmas. After hanging up the phone, Justin let his head fall back onto his pillow. Brian walked into the room, and joined his partner in their bed.

“What’s wrong, Sunshine?” Justin shrugged. “I’m cramping a little. I’m sure it’s nothing, Brian.” Brian gave the blonde a look. “How bad is it?” Justin shook off the older man’s concern. “I’m sure that it’s nothing, so calm down.” Brian was silent for a moment, and then he nodded. “Okay, well do you want to help me, by directing me where to put the presents under the tree?”

Justin nodded, and the two men started the process. Twenty minutes into the process, Brian heard Justin groan softly. “Sunshine, are you okay?” Justin nodded, but as he was nodding, his face contorted in pain. Suddenly, the blonde started shaking his head no. “Brian, I think that it’s time.” Brian quickly got up, and went to the closet, getting the bag they had already packed.

Then he helped Justin out of their apartment, and into the car. He quickly drove to the hospital, and then ran inside of the hospital, asking for help. When a nearby nurse asked what was wrong, Brian told her. He led the nurse and a few EMT’s to where Justin was waiting. The blonde was wheeled inside of the hospital, and was rushed off to get ready for the surgery.

It was twenty minutes later, after Brian had called Jennifer to let her know that Justin was in labor. He was called to see about Justin, and to assist with the surgery. The surgery was long and complicated, and when it was over they had a beautiful baby girl, which the two men decided to name Hannah. Their daughter, Hannah Taylor-Kinney was born on December 25th 2006, at 1:00 AM.

As the two men looked down at their daughter, they knew that this would always be a Christmas to remember. The birth of their child, and their favorite holiday all rolled into one. Brian kissed Justin on the crown of his head, and smiled softly, glad that his family is okay, and that before either of them know it, they will be able to take Hannah home soon.

It’s a week later, when Hannah and Justin can finally go home. Brian brings his family home, and can’t wait for his partner to open up his presents, and Hannah’s presents. The two men sit on the floor with Hannah, and talk and laugh, while opening their Christmas presents. They know that by this time next year, their daughter will be learning how to make a mess with the wrapping paper.

Brian and Justin both smile as they imagine how their lives are going to be, now that Hannah has entered the world. Neither man can wait until their little girl starts talking, and can say daddy and dad. Justin looks at his partner, and scoots closer to the man, taking Hannah into his arms. “We love you, Brian.” Brian smiled. “I love you too, Sunshine, and little Sunshine.”

The End.
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