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Author's Chapter Notes:
This story is going to be 4 chapters long.
Chapter One

Justin sighed softly as he unlocked the door to his New York apartment, and then quickly walked inside. Closing the door behind himself and locking it a moment later, he tossed the mail onto the table.

With a sigh, Justin sat down on his couch. He stared at the table for a minute and then groaning, got up and picked up his mail again. After grabbing everything, he sat down again.

Justin began going through his mail, and rolled his eyes. “Bill… bill… bill… bill…” He paused as he got to the last piece of mail. It was a package. Justin frowned at the small box.

He shook it gently, and then set it down in front of him on the coffee table. After a moment though, his curiosity got the best of him, and he quickly began to open the package.

The first thing Justin saw was a note. It read: Justin, sorry it’s taken so long for me to send this to you. I tried to find you after the Prom, and after what happened, but I never could. Anyway, I ran into Daphne one day last week and she gave me your address to send this to you. Hope it helps. I miss you and hope you are well, Sam Anderson.

Justin paused as he remembered the last time that he had seen Sam. She was 6’1, with red hair and green eyes, a slender build, and a feisty temper which rivaled Daphne's.

Sam was the only other person he could stand, when going to St. James Academy. Maybe it was because she was gay too. Justin knew she understood what it was like to be different.

Sam’s a dyke, and he’s a fag. She knew how he felt, because she felt the same way. They were the only two openly ‘out’ teenagers at St. James, and they decided to stick together.

Daphne of course, was included. The three of them were good friends. Justin shook his thoughts away, and then turned back to the package. He took a deep breath, and then slowly released it.

Then, Justin began to open the package. Several moments later, he was holding a tape in his hands. There was another note; this one was taped on the tape and it said: May you remember how special this night was, and may all your dreams come true. Call me. Love, Sam.

Justin stared at the tape for a moment. Then he quickly took the note off the tape, and set it aside. Justin hesitated for a second, and then he got up and walked over to the VCR.

Pushing the tape into the VCR, Justin set his TV to the right channel. Then he grabbed the remote and walked back over to his couch. Sitting down, Justin pressed the ‘Play,’ button.

An image of Sam popped up saying that it was Prom night, and that they were all going to have the time of their lives. Justin closed his eyes for a moment, steeling himself.

Then he opened his eyes once more, and began to watch the tape again. The person who was behind the camera scanned the entire scene. They showed everyone talking and smiling.

There was a close up with Chris and his date. Justin shuddered involuntarily. The camera showed several other students, Sam being one of them, before landing on him and Daphne.

Justin smiled a small smile. Daphne looked completely beautiful. He watched the tape, as it showed the two of them laughing at something that someone nearby had said.

Suddenly a nearby group fell silent, and whoever was behind the camera, quickly turned to find out what’s going on. Justin gasped when the camera showed Brian entering the room.

He quickly pressed the ‘Pause’, button and stared at the screen. Tears came to Justin’s eyes as he saw how beautiful Brian looked. Brian was wearing a black tux as well, and a white silk scarf.

It was like a dream come true. Suddenly, Justin’s head began pounding. For some reason, he didn’t want to get up and take his pills. Something was happening to him.

Justin just sat there, and closed his eyes, hoping the pain would go away. It didn’t. After a few moments, it got worse. But as Justin kept his eyes closed, several images came to him.

The first one was of Daphne looking up at something, then tapping his arm and pointing behind him. The second one was of when he turned around and saw Brian walking toward them.

The third one was of Brian looking at him. Then suddenly, everything else faded away and they were dancing. Justin smiled through his tears as he began to finally remember everything.

Moments later, wanting to see it for real, he pressed the ‘Play’ button again. The tape resumed and the image of himself said, “I thought you said you wouldn’t be caught dead in a room full of 18 year olds.”

The image of Brian said, “I thought I’d recapture my lost youth.” Brian began to run his fingers under Justin’s tie. Then, Brian turned to face Daphne and said, “You look hot Daphne.”

Brian said Justin watched as Daphne on the tape looked at him and grinned, when Brian kissed her temple. She laughed softly. “I’d fuck you,” Brian said. Daphne, trying not to laugh, replied, “Uh, you too, Brian.”

Brian turned back to him, and then said to Daphne, “Mind if I borrow your date?” Daphne agreed, and then she walked away. Brian grabbed his hand and led him to the center of the dance floor.

They began to slowly move from side to side. Brian took off his silk scarf and puts it around Justin’s neck. They begin to dance in sync. They both wore smiles on their faces, and you could tell that they loved each other.

Everyone else stood back and away from them. Most of the other students looked surprised or horrified. Daphne looked so happy for the two of them, but especially for him.

Brian twirled him around, before reclaiming him moments later. They continued to dance, only aware of each other. Right now, no one else existed to the two of them.

This was their moment in time, and no one was going to ruin it. Daphne continued to smile, as she watched her him dance with Brian. Brian twirled him around again, to his delight.

Daphne laughed softly, and smiled some more at them. Brian twirled him around once more. They smiled at each other, as the song and dance became embedded in their hearts and minds.

Brian twirled him around a few more times. Then Brian touched their noses together, as their dancing became more intimate. His image began undoing the buttons on Brian’s coat.

They moved their faces until they were just inches apart, and then they moved apart, continuing to dance. As this was going on, his image was slowly removing Brian’s coat.

Then his image threw the coat to Daphne, who smiled, happy to be able to witness this beautiful scene. They were still smiling, and his image slipped Brian’s scarf back around his lover’s neck, his arms around Brian’s neck as well, as they dance together as one.

Brian twirls him around a few more times and then dipped him, slowly and smoothly. Then their foreheads were pressed together once more. Brian twirled him again, this time lifting his feet off the ground.

Before you know it, they are kissing. Chris Hobbs had a murderous look on his face. Daphne of course, just couldn’t stop smiling. Sam was standing a few feet behind Daphne, a smile on her face as well.

The images of them continue to kiss, as the song slows down, and nears its end. Suddenly, Brian pulled out of the kiss and twirled him around one last time. Then, still holding onto his hand, Brian led them out of the hall.

The screen flipped over to an image of Sam, who was saying, “You and Brian were breathtakingly beautiful, Justin. Make sure you never let him go. Love you blondie, your pal Sam.”

Justin was crying silently, as the tape finally ended and the screen faded to black. He picked up his cell phone and called Brian. Realizing that it was 3 AM in Pittsburgh, Justin shrugged.

He knew that Brian wouldn’t be happy with him for calling at this time, but this was important. Brian picked up on the second ring. “Hello?” Justin swallowed, trying to calm down.

“Hey,” He whispered to the brunette. As if Brian knew something was going on, he asked, “What’s wrong, are you okay? Are you having a panic attack?” Justin smiled despite his tears.

Then he answered, “No. I’m fine, just remembering something.” Brian paused, and then said, “What is it?” Justin squeezed his eyes shut and replied, “I remember our dance.”
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