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Disclaimer: "NCIS" and its characters don't belong to me they belong to CBS and are being used without permission. Please don't sue because I have no money.

Author's Note: I thought that Tony's humorless episode was going to be in January when I read the spoiler. I guess that he got his dates mixed up because it was during this episode.

False Witness


Talking to McGee as we stepped out of the elevator and found Tony actually working was a little weird. I remember seeing him come in early and working when he broke up with Jeanne. I was worried about Tony and wondered what was wrong with him. I even told McGee that I was worried and so was he. I thought that maybe it might be just be a joke that he might be playing, but it turned out to be not a joke and he was serious.

It felt weird seeing him act like this. It was like he was someone else and we didn't like it. He was working when he was supposed to be working. He didn't flirt with that woman and I knew the she liked him. He didn't make one movie reference.

I watch as he's working on his computer and writing something on a folder. He didn't even notice her watching him. Usually when she watched him he would say something to her. As Abby would say he was acting hinky.

As the day went on I kept on waiting for the joke, the prank, or the movie reference, but there was nothing. I would have to talk to him. Finally my chance came as we were watching the woman in the interrogation room. Usually he liked this part and he didn't say anything. I had to know what was happening and so I asked. He looked so sad.

I gathered my courage and told him that we liked him the way he was. We liked his pranks, his juvenile behavior and his movie references. I told him that we loved him the way he was and he didn't have to change. They loved the 12-year-old child he was sometimes.

Finally, the prank was pulled and confetti was thrown all around the room with the lights coming on. He smiled and then he stopped. She hoped that now he would be all right.
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