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Disclaimer: "NCIS" and it's characters don't belong to me they belong to CBS and are being used without permission. Please don't sue because I have no money.

Author Note: This is AU where Abby, Tim, Tony are Gibbs and Shannon's kids and Kelly is alive. Also, Tony is the youngest one.

Little One's

Tony toddled towards his big brother and his big sisters were playing. He was two years old and was already a handful. His sister Kelly, Abby and Tim were racing their Zhu Zhu Pets on the kitchen floor. They were making noise, which brought the little boy into the kitchen.

"Timmy, Tony's coming to take away the toys." Abby said to her nine year old twin brother.

"We can't let Tony grab one. The box says four up." Kelly the oldest of the group at eleven years old. She didn't mind playing with her younger siblings.

The three kids smacked the Zhu Zhu Pets to make them stop racing around and making noise.

"Hey, Tony." Abby smiled as she hugged her baby brother. She loved her whole family including her baby brother.

"Ohh." The toddler said as he eyed the four Zhu Zhu Pets still on the floor. One was black and white, which was Abby's, the other was brown and white which was Tim's and the other was pink and white which was Kelly's.

"No, Tony. You can't pick them up." Kelly said to the little boy.

The little boy blinked at his sister "No."

"That's right. No."

"Come on let's go play with your toys." Kelly said as she reached for Tony's hand.

"No." The little boy said.


"No." Tony said as he grinned at his sister.

"What's going on?" Shannon said as she stepped into the kitchen. She had just heard Tony say No.

"Mom, I was trying to get Tony to play with his toys and he told me No."

Shannon looked at the kitchen and saw the three Zhu Zhu Pets on the floor. "Because he wants to play with the Zhu Zhu Pets. I told you to only play with them when he's either asleep, or not in the house."

"I'm sorry, Mommy. We just wanted to have a race with them."

"And Tony heard them making noise and wanted to play with them." Shannon smiled at her first born. "You know he can't play with them until he's four years old."

"I know Mommy. I'm sorry."

"What is she sorry for?" Gibbs said as he walked into the house.

"Kelly, Abby and Tim were racing their Zhu Zhu Pets and Tony heard them. He walked into the kitchen to get one and, so Kelly tried to get him to play with his toys and Tony told her No." She smiled at her husband. He worked for NCIS and was the Senior Agent on the team.

"Kelly you know he wants to play with the toys especially the Zhu Zhu Pets."

"I know."

"Dinners almost ready." Shannon told her husband as he kissed her.

"Good because I'm hungry."

Tony had forgotten trying to grab a Zhu Zhu Pets and toddled over to his Daddy. "Daddy." The little boy smiled up at his Dad.

"Hey, little man." Gibbs said as he picked up his youngest. He was a handful. Sometimes when they were at a store he would disappear and wonder off. Abby had told them that they would need to put a tracker on him to keep track of where he was. That wasn't a bad idea. He also had lots of energy. Tim and Kelly were his two calm children and Abby and Tony were his two-energizer bunnies.

"Daddy." Tim, Abby and Kelly raced up to their Daddy and hugged him. He put down Tony and hugged all his kids. He was a lucky man. He had a beautiful and lovely wife and four beautiful children.

Gibbs hugged the children and then went upstairs to change.

"Abby, Tim and Kelly go wash up. Kelly it's your turn to set the table."

"Okay, Mommy."

Kelly came back and set the soup bowls on the table along with spoons and napkins. They were having chicken soup for dinner.

Tony was put in his high chair and given a bowl of soup, but not before Shannon cooled it down and sat it down in front of the little boy. There was no broth in the bowl just noodles, chicken and vegetables. She had already served everyone else before she served the youngest.

"Ummm." Tony said as he grabbed another noodle and stuffed it into his mouth. A carrot and chicken followed after the noodle. Shannon smiled the little boy and then turned back to her dinner. When dinner was done Gibbs cleaned up Tony as Shannon picked up the dishes. He then picked up from the high chair and sat him down by his toys. The twins and Kelly were in the living room watching a movie. Gibbs then went back into the kitchen to help his wife. After putting away the leftovers and putting the dishes into the dishwasher they both went into the living room to see what their children were doing. Kelly was sitting on the couch with Tony sitting beside her. Tony had played with his toys, but then wanted to watch the movie with his siblings he abandoned the toys except the blue teddy bear that was his. It was still in his hand as he leaned on his sister. Abby and Tim were also on the couch watching the movie.

A couple of hours later Tony was asleep with the blue teddy bear under his head. Kelly was still watching the movie and Abby and Tim were getting sleepy.

"Okay, time for bed."

"But Dad we want to finish the movie."

"You can watch it tomorrow." Gibbs said. He picked up Tony and went upstairs to put him in his big boy bed. Tim and Tony shared a room while Abby and Kelly shared a room. They had talked about getting a bigger house because soon Kelly wouldn't want to share a room with her younger sister and there will be a time that Tim wouldn't want to share a room with his baby brother.

The three other children went upstairs to the bathroom and brushed their teeth and then they went into their rooms to change into the pajamas.

Gibbs and Shannon tucked their children into bed and kissed their foreheads.

Back in the living room they turned off the DVD and began watching the news.

"We really should start looking for a house, Jethro."

"I know." Gibbs said.

"What about this Saturday we make an appointment with a real estate agent?" Shannon asked her husband.

"Okay, set it up." They kissed and then watched the news then they turned off the TV and made their way towards their bedroom.

It had taken a month to find a house that they loved. They had brought a house that had five bedrooms and a den. The Den would make a good extra room when Jackson Gibbs and Shannon's Mom came to visit them. Each child would have their own room and each room was the same size except the master bedroom.

It had taken another month to unpack their things in their new home. The beds were put back together and the children's toys were put into their room. The kitchen's things were already put away and the boxes were flattened.

Tony ran to his new room and came back with his blue blanket and his teddy bear. He dragged the blanket behind him as he walked down the hallway.

Abby grabbed the blanket when Tony put it down and draped it over the little boy playing peek a boo with him. The little boy laughed as Abby played with him. She too started laughing. Tim was on the computer in the living room playing a game on it. Tim stopped the game he was playing and watched as his baby brother and twin play. He smiled and then turned back to the game again.

Abby stopped playing with Tony and then made her way towards her twin brother. "Can I play too, Timmy?"

"Sure, Abby." Tim said as Abby grabbed a chair and sat next to him. Tony went up to them and crawled up the chair and sat on Tim's lap. He started banging on the keyboard.

"No, Tony. Don't do that." Tim said trying to pry the little boys hands away from the keyboard.


"That's right. Go play with your toys, Tony."

"No." The little boy said as he looked at his brother with a smile on his face and drool coming out of his mouth and running down his chin.

"Get down Tony."

"No." Tony said as he tried to pay with the keyboard again. He tried to dodge Tim's hand as it reached for his again. "No." The little boy said again and giggled.

"Abby can you go get Mom?"

"Sure Timmy."

Abby ran to her parent's room who were still unpacking. "Mom, Tony won't quit trying to bang on the keyboard. We're trying to play a game and Tony is in the way."

Shannon put the pillow on the bed and went towards the living room where the computer was housed. She heard Tony say the word No again. He sure loved that word and would say that a lot.

"Come on little man. Let's go outside and get some of that excess energy out of you." Shannon said as she tickled her youngest's tummy.

The little boy giggled and hugged his Mommy. "Love you Mommy."

"Love you too, little man." She hugged her son close to her and then walked to the backyard.

She remembered when Kelly, Abby and Tim were this little. They were all so different. Abby was the closest as acting the same way as Tony, but not the same way. When she was two she had never wandered off and had gotten lost. Tim and Kelly either and they were both had almost the same personality. They were both quiet and would spend hours reading, or on the computer. Tony was probably going to be their problem child.
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